City of secret deals

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Mutiny in Marienburg is a new campaign supplement for Mordheim. The greatest seaport in the Old World stages a maritime city setting in which rival gangs and warring cults contend with law enforcement constabularies and the forces of evil.

The port-city is home to the shady enterprises of racketeers who battle with cutthroat factions over fencing unfamiliar merchandise in multi-storey drug dens across the wharves of the South Dock. Swashbuckling smugglers antagonise stiff-lipped mariners around Elf Quarter before venturing into foreign ghettos to employ the mercenary muscle of outlanders from Knife Alley, Nippon Town and the Wine Sack.

Sunken rooms with private lagoons connect bolt-holes to the grand sewer network which leads nameless infiltrators in or outside of the city walls. Waterfront hovels in the Dead Canal slum district above is where conspiracies take shape as duplicitous heretics conspire in the shadows with agents of Chaos operating incognito out of the Silk Market.

Heroes set sail for Marienburg. A place of magic and miracles that stinks of fish! Bear your arms in the wake of citywide disaster or be plunged in a watery grave.


StyrofoamKing said...

Sounds awesome... although, "City of Secrets" has a dash more flair. Can't wait to see more!

Tom said...

cool stuff, we're still heavily involved in a BTB campaign, tonight we play again! Good stuff here, I'll be keeping an eye on this blog!

Eduardo said...


Looking forward to see it!

Best Regards!

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