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Here it is then ladies and gentlemen. If you're curiously skimming this journal then you've thrown in your lot with followers of the Ruinous Powers once and for all! The influence of certain known heretics have led all of us down this dark path...

Fortune seekers one and all were first lured out of that thrice damned city and on through the wilderness of an Empire in flames. All thought of recovering precious splinters of warp-touched rock forgotten by those daredevils who joined a perilous quest through the wilds of Talabecland in a seemingly futile hunt for an artefact of unmeasured might, an unthought of relic of ancient origin. From here we turned east, along the Old Dwarf Road and were reckless enough to brave the harsh climes of the Northern Wastes and unforgiving Steppes in our fools errand to reach the fertile borderlands of Cathay. After learning of their trade, strange customs and something of shrewd business ways we journeyed along the Silk Road, crossing through the Ogre Kingdoms and the Dark Lands as we did so. The journey home.

The journey home to the maritime metropolis of Marienburg, the city sea-port sited at the mouth of the River Reik.

As we ply our exotic wares in the Craft Market, our very lives will be bargained against repulsive contraband in the Under-Empire. The exchange of illicit goods smuggled by those crime lords who rule the South Dock with an iron fist, for bizarre relics imported by cunning merchants to stem the morbid curiosity of nobles and theurgists alike. Actions will be scrutinized by not only the constabularies, but the warp-touched denizens of lawless slums like the Dead Canal, and altogether more sinister creatures along with glamored swains who have dedicated their very existence to serving the unholy forces of Old Night itself.

Mutiny in Marienburg, a city of islands, city of bridges, city of canals. A city of secret deals.

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lonelybrick said...

I'm so very pleased that I found this blog. Mordheim has always been a particular favourite of mine. I've dabbled with fantasy, played a lot of 40k, done a bit of war machine as well as a few other GW bits and pieces, but nothing has gripped me, or had me continually returning to it the way the city of the damned has. I'm pleased that the flame is being kept alive.

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