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"What hope can there be for the mortal world?" 
— Liber Malefic

A secretive cabal consisting of warlocks, witches & hedgefolk united to form a single covert network of unlicensed practitioners who embark upon clandestine operations throughout the Empire and beyond, striving to maintain their anonymity under the ever looming threat of discovery by the witch hunters.

We are a bunch of Mordheim fans seeking to keep the game alive by developing additional rules and campaign material for all to enjoy.

"Unlike your mercantile peers, I know you have spent the last twenty years of your life obtaining and studying a wide variety of magical, alchemical and heretical texts. You have read the works of Van Hal, von Juntz, Krischan Donn, Ralfs, even the tedious prose of the Ratmen-obsessed Leiber. And all of it with the aim of achieiving a single burning ambition. But it was only recently, after a visit to Marienburg's Unseen Library to read Hollseher's Liber Malefic, that you finally discovered a means by which to achieve your aim. Now, you have come here to me in the hope that I can give you what your books could not." 

— Samael, the Silver Tongue, Daemon Prince, First among the Infernal Legions of Shornaal