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This season I will be mostly be making terrain! And for the new campaign I am working on something (hopefully) epic. For the moment I will be remaining secretive on what I am doing (just in case it all goes horribly wrong!) but i will be trying to get a bunch of WIP pictures so when the project is done you can see the progression.

For the last campaign (set in Cathay) we produced, as a joint project between a small number of guilty parties, a gaming table that saw a lot of use through the campaign. It was basically a large mountain road winding around the table and really did make the games played on it come alive. Scenarios such as ambushing a goods wagon seemed much more real when set on a mountain pass as opposed to just trying to get from one side of the table to another. You can see a picture of it in Werekin's profile picture.

All this is really just a long winded way of pointing out the importance of themed terrain, which is why I feel that the Secret Tech™ is so important. No matter how good the scenario you are playing, just playing a game over a bit of cloth with a bunch of books underneath is never as much fun as playing over a beautifully crafted 6'x4' and it will also help to show off your lovingly painted models, too. Because none of you are playing with unpainted models, are you?!

So, I hope this is the year that you are all inspired to start digging out your bits of balsa wood and trusty knife (note: thats Trusty, not Rusty! Safety first, remember) and build terrain fit for a king, or at least a Frog Prince!

Oh and when you have finished you can always send us photos of your masterpiece, either stage by stage progress or pics of it in use. If the pictures are of high enough quality and we like what you have done, who knows, we might even use them in the campaign pack!

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Carnival of Onogal said...

Scenery is a big part of the game myself and a cohort of mordy enthusiasts have recently embarked on a mammoth 15 player BTB campaign - I'm going to be posting some pictures and highlights of the journey so far ASAP.

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