Cities rise and fall

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Over the years the greatest port of the Old World has been sacked no less than five times. The city has suffered raids, sieges, conspiracies, invasions and plague. It has been razed, pillaged and burnt to the ground. In the Imperial calendar year of 2525 the hordes of Chaos befouled the Free City of Marienburg for the sixth time.

Behold the End Times are upon us! We returned to what should have been familiar surrounds of Oyster Dock in Temple District only to discover... That disaster had overtaken Marienburg.

Marienburg was founded on the ruins of an ancient Sea Elf fortress by the Jutones tribe. What elves abandoned, men rebuilt. Our city lies in ruins once again. Nurgle's Rot ravaged the population. The Plague Lord's foetid host marched on in the spring of 2525 converging on Altdorf. For anyone interested in apocalyptic current affairs or the historical destruction wrought against the greatest port in the Old World, I have compiled a fairly concise timeline of significant events.

Download the timeline calendar here:
The Marienburg Timeline (PDF, ca. 0.1 MB)

The End Times campaign for Warhammer is huge. This announcement only skims the surface of events involving the Empire, her neighbours and the hordes of Chaos from Volume 2. I am following the story more thoroughly through the Black Library novels rather than the Warhammer rulebooks releases for the End Times campaign. Inconsistencies do crop up in the End Times source material.

example: Louen Leoncour, the Lionheart
In the novel 'Fall of Altdorf', the dethroned King's chest is sawed up by Festus the Leechlord, and he dies in the arms of a Shallayan priestess, somewhat peacefully. In the 'Warhammer: Glöttkin' campaign book, the Lionheart dies in the arms of a gloating Festus, more specifically, his head is brutally sawed off and displayed to shocked Empire soldiery.

Volume 1 involving the resurrection of Nagash, maps the ambitions of the Von Carstein bloodline, including Elize von Carstein, Doyenne of Red Abbey, and her favourite get, the ghoul-caller, Erikan Crowfiend. Volume 3 charts those of Aenarion's bloodline with welcome cameos from two fan favourites, the Shadow King of Nagarythe, Alith Anar, and the Warpsword, Daemon's Bane, Tyrant of Hag Graef, Malus Darkblade.

Volume 4 is scheduled to involve the Skaven. There have been further spin-off's available in the form of new novels for Gotrek & Felix. Black Library has other releases being lined up with some of its best authors getting involved, notably a new Malus Darkblade story quilled by C L Werner.

There is plenty more I could say about the new material. That would spoil the surprise. Go check it out yourselves. It's the end of an era. And the the beginning of a new one.
"Everywhere we look is as ruined and lifeless as the last, yet here we stay because this ruin is ours."
— Pirate-King Salaman Singh, Marienburg Crimelord