Maritime massacre

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Marienburg is reeling in the detritus of a massacre engineered by an all-powerful necromancer, a catastrophe that plunged the port city into turmoil. There has never been a better moment for crime and intrigue.

In a covertly launched attack on the seaport Farrak the necromancer turned most of the city into a realm of the living dead. Farrak was surprisingly vanquished by the watchmen of Three-Penny Bridge. His hold over the horde broken, the dead returned to watery graves and what creatures of the night remained became scattered. Pretentious inhabitants of the Elf Quarter did nothing to aid the city as it narrowly avoided oblivion before the squabbling elites from the Ten Great Families and the Directorate had a chance to reach any verdict.

The current state of upheaval means that Merchant Houses opulent stores are ripe for the picking. Looting has broken out while channel scavengers chase deals to smuggle their illicit cargoes out. Watch stations are snowed under with bleeding citizens teeming with resentment from the injustice of plenty and poverty that has the wards divided. Nobility and savagery engulf the canals, where clerical devotion to faith in pursuit of a miracle leaves feuding cults of the Empire blind to the dangerous proximity between enforcing the law and falling to Chaos.

A number of districts and vast ghettos thrived in a state of lawlessness prior to the invasion where crime bosses are now presented with a unique opportunity to strike against their closest rivals. With a gang war brewing watch patrols are left with the desperate task of restoring order around a minefield of inter-agency jurisdiction clashes. As the pressure escalates unofficial crime-fighting mavericks react decisively by cutting through the red tape, and not a moment before the citywide disaster permits clandestine infiltrators to penetrate Marienburg from within.

Enmity in the maritime metropolis is about to reach boiling point.

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