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Sweet Myrmidia, Morr's bones, Ulric's beard, Taal's teeth, Shallya's teats, Sigmar's sausage, Manann's cockles, Ranald's balls!

Each of the above are popular curses from the Old World. Believe me, I'm needing to use them all upon swearing in a new article entitled 'Miracle Workers'. This is a Mordheim gaming aid all about Priests.

Download the article here:
Miracle Workers (PDF, ca. 1.8 MB)

Swords of the Empire, trusting in their faith, can withstand and turn back the tide of enemies that face them, needing only to hear the priests reciting liturgies to inspire them to heroism. It falls to the priests to contend with the foe on the spiritual and magical planes and they do this with prayers and invocations, almost equal in potency to the spells of wizards, and with the strength of their unflinching minds.

Some existing game rules for priests in Mordheim have been changed here so this is my opportunity to point out the change only affects two priests. There is no change to Warrior-priests of Sigmar or Priests of Taal aside from the enhanced material herein allowing all priests to receive the 'Mark' of a respective patron.

Wolf-priest of Ulric by Enrique Durand originally appeared in Town Cryer #8. In my article the Ulrican priest has undergone more of a rewrite than I would have liked. This seemed necessary in fitting the character more faithfully to the game background as it is portrayed in releases for the Warhammer roleplaying game.

Priests of Morr featured in the White Dwarf mini-campaign 'Thy Will Be Done' but they had previously appeared in Town Cryer #12 courtesy of Todd Estabrook. Todd was a freelancer who had the right idea in his portrayal of priests. The Priest of Morr was described as a new Hero that could be used in mercenary warbands replacing one of the warband's Heroes. Favourable revisions inspired by Tome of Salvation appear in the article to enhance the flavour of Morr's servants.

Priest of Morr conversion painted by Werekin

Heretics beware! Within this document download you can find rules to play any priest from the nine patron Cults of the Empire. These include new prayers and special rules for a Trickster-priest of Ranald, Priest of Verena, Priestess of Shallya, War-priestess of Myrmidia, and Mariner-priest of Manann.

In Marienburg, some faiths are more dominant than others. There are annotations promoting how you might hire priests faithful to other gods like Handrich, God of Trade and Commerce. Additional guidelines describe the infamous War-priests of Solkan!

This article is intended to be used in all campaigns set in Mordheim, Marienburg, and beyond. It was conceived as a counterpart piece to the Corrupted Characters article which was completed ages ago hence I'm thankful to finally get this off my desktop!

Priest of Manann conversion painted by Werekin

I hope Miracle Workers inspires many hours of zealous modeling activity in the Mordheim community! My own Citadel miniature conversions for Priests will be appearing over on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forumhere. I now invite you talented craftsmen and women to post your own hobby offerings on the same thread.

Thanks to Bob Whetton for photographing the miniatures.