Returning series

Posted by  | Tuesday, June 5, 2012  at 2:18 PM  

Anyone following Liber Malefic will hopefully be pleased to hear that 'Mutiny in Marienburg' has returned for its 2nd season. The narrative campaign continues with a colourful selection of new scenarios.

After a rousing speech from their Emissary, the battle monks of Cathay momentarily mistook a Merchant Prince for one of the wharf dregs. Congratulations to the Merchant's House Guard for they braved the sewer network in darkness! Fighting their way clear in a bloody turf war with the underfolk, their robes stained with stinking effluence from the sewer, the Celestials smuggled wares through its slurry-filled catacombs back to the Silk Market ghetto.

One of the Dragon Monks even demonstrated how to dismantle a machine-beast with his bare hands! With the robotic rat-ogre permanently destroyed the skaven retreated deeper into the warren. This is a tragic blow to the ratkin. Warlord Riskin Tatter-ear will be ticked off when he hears of this! Yet the skaven still thrive in numbers. In desperation, they have turned to the infamous Nipponese banking house of Lang Fu for a high risk low interest handout! The armada's favourite Rear-Admiral Tick-lick may be looking to form new partnerships in the coming weeks whilst plotting revenge against the Cathayans.

The Swamp Snake and the Salamander went head to head with all three pirate crews salvaging treasure on a canal stretch of the Bruynwater! Domnu Dola's river gypsy crew fled the shallows in despair at the site of their caravan-master taking a tumble in a boarding action. After ramming the Strigany water-caravan and surviving the following counter-charge Salaman Singh's lascars fought on against the wreckers. Broekwater's fish-faced pirates found themselves outmanned and outgunned by the Indic smugglers! Outmatched by his competitor Sal Singh, that slippery serpent 'Scurvy' Rikkar withdrew.

When the Indic mobsmen claimed salvage they were rewarded with one greatly coveted arcane device, a Power Stone!

Salaman's mobsters celebrate their first victory by scouting the woodlands of Laurelorn Forest for anything useful. But how will the wood elves respond to being paid a surprise visit. Prince Belmondo's latest edict is that his Cathayan house guard escorts him on a fishing trip to the pirate haven of Broekwater, a small town on the edge of the Cursed Marsh.

The final game in round 7 is set to be a 4 player bar brawl in the tap-room beneath Three-Of-A-Kind casino featuring; Stromfels Reavers, Witch Hunters, Ogre Maneaters and Sea Elf Rangers.

Note: Most of the battles we fight are to test out new scenarios, new rules, new warbands. Hence there were only 6 'Live' rounds played in total last season. The Cult of Stromfels played 5 battles in the first series.