Death of a hero

Posted by  | Sunday, April 5, 2015  at 8:30 PM  

As the last hope of the Old World falls to a few heroes, the fate of the mortal realm is decided by their final deeds in these dark times. The End Times marks the conclusion of an era in story telling. The stark realisation that fables of legend have come to a natural conclusion is something fans of the stories are finding quite sad. Not everyone is willing to let go.

"If this journal is found, if the day was won, then remember this - here a Slayer lies."
— Felix Jaeger, Poet

A week after that report of our Erlach mountain battle was published my friend Antony died. We fought together on the tabletops for many years with cards and dice. A talented musician, Antony shared many hobby hours making guitar music that involved writing, arranging, recording and performing in bands with his friends. There were times when the music saved me from ruin and he was always there.

Antony appeared as a special guest player in the last battle day we ran in Marienburg. Previously he participated in this tabletop tavern brawl battle report. That was the first battle report after I began publishing articles for Liber Malefic.

Antony will be remembered as a chivalrous hero. A buccaneer amongst bureaucrats. Losing him in a cruel trick of fate was a bitter blow. Unexpectedly saying goodbye cuts right to the core. He was something of a legendary personality. Knowing the journey continues with no further contributions by his swift blade is unbearable. He enriched my life story as only a Slayer-pirate could. Miss you buddy.