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I thought about writing something which reflected on the discussions which Cianty & I had (what seems like ages ago) concerning what the perfect setting would be good to visit after Border Town Burning. A city sea-port seems like an ideal location. Marienburg has so much to offer, too much in fact! It's also the stomping grounds of one of Mordheim's original mercenary warband favourites.

Rather than dwelling on why we discarded other viable locations before I had suggested Marienburg was an attractive propsect, check out this epic piece of cartography and judge for yourself...

Large version - (2000 x 1500) - 16 MB

This monster tapestry is the Great Map. The Great Map is an artefact of Chaos. It's so devilish it even has its own story! In brief, the map was produced as a commission by the artist Ralf Hawkslay (Ralph Horsley original version in 1989 for Hogshead Industries WFRP publication 'Marienburg: Sold Down the River') who succumbed to the Ruinous Powers in a bizarre sequence of events. This artefact is supposed to be locked away beneath the Temple of Verena in Marienburg! Don't tell anyone we have it here or else the Witch Hunters and the Inquisitors of Solkan will be on our tails. The estimated value of the Great Map is 15,000 gold crowns! Just think about how many warbands you can hire with that much income. :)

The version viewable here has been enhanced for campaign play by a powerful warlock; Scanned from the original, after a few touch-ups to remove scan lines, scanner dirt & crease marks, the map was lightened slightly as it started life too dark. Next the district borders were carefully plotted from referencing another version of the Marienburg map provided in the 1st Edition WFRP book. Finally each of the translated (common rather than Reikspiel) names were added for Marienburg's wards & boroughs. Districts are upper case. Ghettos are lower case. A few other locations of note are tagged for reference such as Three Penny Bridge and the Bruynwater canal.

The Great Map has unique character and will serve as a source of inspiration for anyone following Mutiny in Marienburg. It's worth mentioning that there are other 30 locations (buildings mostly) which can be identified on the map by a keen eye. If you have a copy of Marienburg: SDTR handy they are all confirmed. See if you can spot the Golden Lotus Dreaming House in the South Dock district or Deedsveld Cemetary in Porters Wall!?

Most of the action will take place on the wharfs of slum districts and the streets of lawless ghettos. Colourful background describing the wards & boroughs ensures that all scenarios will be special (including Chris Kneller's proposed backstreet adventure in the Craftsmarket; "Creature From The Black Market Lagoon".) Each ward has a strong theme. Each borough possesses plenty of intrigue and enough character to follow in the wake of Mordheim's derelict zones.


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