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As the Portable Document Format file continues to supersede scrolls and tomes from a bygone age, many of us find ourselves torn between the disposable convenience of hi-tech software and the comfortable mustiness of hardback books.

Experience points have been lovingly notated on paper printed Warband Roster sheets for every tabletop campaign since the dawn of my virgin discovery of wyrdstone shards in Mordheim. Each piece of treasure, each new skill, each characteristic increase, each injury has been jotted with pencil on a sheet of crinkled parchment. An eraser on hand to rub out spent equipment or lost items, a sharpener kept handy to keep the HB pencil tip at a point. All of that is about to change. Record keeping will never be the same.

In the Marienburg campaign I have been running, one of our group members has been using a digital roster sheet for his warband. A number of of us are using phones to check player aids, articles or rulebooks. Now that gizmos like tablets and smart phones are becoming more affordable I decided it was worth investing in some new hardware. As a consequence I looked into the complexity of creating a Fillable PDF for the Marienburg warband roster sheet. Combining science and sorcery I have developed a new editable roster sheet.

Completed Norse warband example roster sheet - Fillable PDF (PDF, ca. 2.6 MB)

Mutiny in Marienburg warband roster sheet - Fillable PDF (PDF, ca. 2.6 MB)

Apologies for providing a downloadable file that is chock full of entries for hoary heathens from the Northern Wastes! This is my example roster based on a Norse warband following the 'Gaze of the Gods' plot in a Marienburg campaign.

"There are no problems in Marienburg which can't be solved. Handrich willing, of course."
— Artemus van Loenhoek, Scribe

In the process of downloading and opening this player aid you will have the opportunity to to play around with the file. Delete undesired text entries and click on check boxes that have been marked with skill types, experience points and campaign points.

"This is Marienburg, lad. People are always talking. Incessantly, as a matter of fact. Can't get them to shut up."
— Abbott Knock, Priest of Myrmidia

Merchant princes, Cult magisters, Watch commanders and Cartel gang bosses with a preference for digital record keeping will be able to open this smart scroll on their magic tablets to maintain their Marienburg manifests!

Thank you to Zetazot for the original warband roster sheet designs for Border Town Burning and Mutiny in Marienburg.


Hendrid said...

Nice sheet, cheers! The steady march of progress eh?

Saranor said...

This is a great help!
Thank you for this document! It will help greatly to manage my warbands :D

Carnival of Onogal said...

Spell familiar (reroll) and mind focus skill (one dice reroll)

 If you cast a spell and fail then use the spell familiar to reroll the entire casting and still fail can you then use mind focus to reroll one of the dice used in the second rerolled casting ?

Alternatively if you fail a cast then use mind focus and still fail could you use a rabbits foot,  stone of luck or spell familiar to reroll the entire cast again?

Saranor said...

You may only reroll once and the second result stands. But you may choose if you want reroll both dice or if one dice is a 5 or 6 you just roll the other dice.

Alexander said...

Useful aid Werekin, thanks!

Your warband seems to be rolling in gold coins ;)

maxxev said...

Hi, just to let you know I have nominated your blog for a Leibster award :)

Kind regards


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