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"You should have seen it a century ago. Its amphitheatres were the envy of the world. Even the Masques of Lothern would come to play in Tor Yvresse and you know how particular they are."
— Kyrielle Greenkin, Elf Mage

Sascha Klocke visited Bournemouth from Berlin this month. Sascha, who is better known in the Mordheim community as Eliazar de la Tierra, played a sequence of 3 scenario games in Marienburg during his visit facing 6 different campaign opponents! An unusual stopover to be making if you consider real Marienberg is in Würzburg, Germany! Once our guest star has produced a suitable journal we will publish his story accompanied by a photo shoot displaying the action from the finale; a four way dispute over 'provisions' settled using flea market scenario set in the Cursed Marshes.

The Fortress of Marienburg is found in Würzburg, Germany
Earlier this year I noticed amongst the functionalities on Blogger there is a gizmo detailing the statistical activity for blog audiences. This distracted me again tonight while editing my next post. It provides various insights into which browser software views use, which web site pages were used to enter the blog plus statistics for what pages have been viewed. Most intriguing were figures for visitors whereabouts. It is marvellous to realise that gamers from all over the planet discover Liber Malefic to risk a peek! Here is a round-up for the week so far confirming the most active heretics living in countries still visiting Mordheim!

Note: While the annual results are compelling there are currently no Italians subscribing to Liber Malefic. This is odd because annual statistic shows Italy to have birthed the 10th highest number of views. Witch Hunters must have caught up with some old Tilean mobs lurking in the city! The weekly results are by no means indisputable proof of dedication to hedge wizardry because when I cross referenced these numbers against statistics from last months total views I discovered that two great gaming nations were curiously absent! Add the following countries to the list below then you have a fair idea who is currently committing the most heresy; Netherlands 104 views (4th place) Finland 44 views (7th place)
Top Nations of Mordheimers: USA 93 views, Great Britain 49 views
Germany 24 views, Canada 18 views, Spain 17 views, Sweden 12 views
New Zealand 11 views, France 11 views, Poland 10 views, Australia 8 views
Ireland 6 views, Russia 2 views, Brazil 2 views, Belgium 1 view
On a final note, prior to our visitor arriving in town we managed to complete our underground adventure game set in the Marienburg Grand Sewer Network, burrows of Undertown, secret city vaults and smugglers bolt-holes. It was an epic battle staged across four meetings. I have have completed the scenario draft and a picture heavy battle report write-up to go with that is in the works.

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