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The Mutiny in Marienburg campaign uses new core scenarios written for this setting. Each scenario treats players to a taste of what life if like in the city-port for their warriors. While not every scenario is combat-centric, the waterfront adventure features violent turf wars! The best fight scenes ever.

Mutiny in Marienburg follows the same structure developed for the Border Town Burning supplement. This is different than in the Mordheim Rulebook.

For players using the standard campaign rules these Core Scenarios replace the scenarios found in the Mordheim Rulebook. Refer to Border Town Burning supplement for scenario rules to 'Last Orders!'

2D6 Result
2 ....Scenario 1: Rolling Fog*
3 ....Scenario 2: Black Market Lagoon
4 ....Scenario 3: Powder Bridge
5 ....Scenario 4: Pit Of Blood*
6 ....Scenario 5: Stockade
7 ....Scenario: Last Orders!*
8 ....Scenario 6: Silk Market
9 ....Scenario 7: Illegal Salvage Operation*
10 ..Scenario 8: Burrow Town Collapsing*
11 ...Scenario 9: Dead Freight**
12 ...Scenario 10: The Sting

Scenario 13: Midnight At The Mausoleum*
Scenario 15: All Hands On Deck!
Scenario 16: Swap Meat*
Scenario 17: Colony of Plenty*

*optional multiplayer scenario
**multiplayer scenario

All core scenarios are now illustrated here. Scenarios are accompanied by Marienburg campaign charts. Also included are two of the special scenarios which found their way into the Marienburg campaign story. Click on links in the table above to view and save each of the scenario files. These will be updated periodically to include more new campaign scenes.

An additional player aid for enhancing your campaigns can now be downloaded. Epic Campaigns Rules features a selection of important guidelines to help your maritime city adventures.

All other published resources from the Marienburg manifest can be downloaded here.


Werekin said...

Q&A for 'Pit Of Blood'
Q. Does a champion that puts a champion or a gladiator out of action get +2 experience (+1 for champion/gladiator OOA and +1 for enemy OOA)?
A. Experience is not cumulative in this way. Players generally pit their toughest warriors in the arena, meaning NPC gladiators are easier pickings.

Q. Does the winning champion get a choice of any 1 weapon from the pit or as many weapons from the pit as wanted.
A. When the battle ends, the winning champion (or champions) keep any equipment they'd armed themselves with. No picking up extra toys after the bell rings!

Q. Do the gladiators start the battle unarmed just like the champions?
A. Yes, gladiators are unarmed. They ought to pick up any weapons if they are stood next to them.

Werekin said...

Q&A for 'Pit Of Blood'
Q. The scenario the Pit of Blood states the following; "Use the characteristics of a Pitfighter for each gladiator."
The sentence is followed by a Gladiator profile that is not the characteristics of a Pit Fighter. What is the intent?
A. We first tried the Pit Fighter characteristics but they proved a little tough to handle. Switching to more vanilla characteristics proved too much of a walk over in the pit. In the end the best measure was a compromise. The characteristics of Gladiators used should match the Pit Fighter Hired Sword except for having Toughness 3. They still have the Pit Fighter skill to keep things interesting.

Werekin said...

Q&A for 'Swap Meat'
Q. I'm casting the Chaos ritual 'Lure of Chaos' so I want to know why do these Villagers or Milkmaids have a higher Leadership characteristic than peasants from the Frenzied Mob (EiF supplement) and Raging Peasants (BTB supplement) for that matter?
A. Fair question. Milkmaids are supposed to be Leadership 6 and Initiative 2!

Werekin said...

Random Happenings for 'Midnight at the Mausoleum'
Graveyard Shift: At the start of each player's turn, roll a D6. If the result is 1 then choose the Grave Warden or the Grave Robber to be deployed in the Garden of Morr. Only one of each Hired Sword will ever appear.

Grave Warden (Hired Sword)
45 gold crowns to hire +18 gold crowns upkeep

The priests of Morr who preside over burials are unable to maintain each of the cemeteries in which the Empire's dead are interred. Known as Gardens of Morr, these cemeteries are often kept by Grave Wardens. The Grave Warden is responsible for maintaining each Garden's grounds, walls, and monuments, trimming back its black rosebushes and keeping things tidy. These Grave Wardens also regularly patrol each Garden's perimeter, ensuring that no grave robbers, would-be necromancers, or crypt ghouls attempt mischief.

The Grave Warden's role means that he often stands as the first line of defence against any unquiet undead that would disturb the Empire's deceased, and the Grave Warden understands better than anyone how dangerous it can be to walk alone at night.

May be Hired: Any Dwarf, Elf or Human warband may hire a Grave Warden.

Rating: A Grave Warden increases the warband’s rating by +15 points, plus 1 point for each Experience point he has.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Grave Warden 4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 6

Equipment: Shovel (counts as an axe), toughened leathers, wheelbarrow.

Skills: A Grave Warden may choose from Combat and Speed skills when he gains new skills.

Immune to Disease: Grave Wardens guard against those who would disturb the dead from their rest, be they rats, bone pickers, grave robbers or worse. Hardy constitution further fortified by drinking bowls of graveroot soup means a Grave Warden is not affected by any disease.

Hardened: Tending the Gardens comes with heavy responsibilities. Grave Wardens are immune to fear.

Gardener: Stout-hearted are Morr's Gardeners, offering a grim welcome to anyone who dares trespass into his domain. A Grave Warden must move towards the nearest model that attacked a grave marker (or trespassing in a tomb/mausoleum) if he has line of sight. The Grave Warden hates all models defiling graves and charges any trespassers.

Von Kurst said...

Pit of Blood:
"They still have the Pit Fighter skill to keep things interesting."

FYI: Pit Fighter Hired Swords do not have the PIt Fighter skill when hired. This may have affected your play testing... Or it may not have...

Werekin said...

I think it was mentioned before in a discussion about Slaver, Pit Fighter & Swashbuckler Hired Swords and the skills matching by name.

These pit warriors being Gladiators, are the cream of the crop from Tilea. No surprise they have the Pit Fighter skill! Trained to fight in pits and arenas at a Ludus encampment, one of premium training houses for pit fighters.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was just wondering if illegal salvage operation can be won by allies or is there only one winner?

Werekin said...

Only one warband can win the salvage operation. This scenario not a team-based game. Think of it more like a free-for-all.

The warband carrying the most cargo markers when the game ends wins the game. They are named the salvers. Salvers claim their find as sanctioned salvage while the remaining warbands are treated as looters!

If the number of cargo markers between two or more warbands is tied then none of the warbands can claim cargo as salvage. Any remaining cargo is impounded by the Marienburg Secretariat as illegal salvage when a River Watch patrol turns up on the scene! Rough justice but there is your incentive to secure the most freight. :)

Benoît Dumeaux said...

For exact link

#page=[page number for the scenario]

Benoît Dumeaux said...

For exact link

#page=[page number for the scenario]

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