Making of a Mutiny

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One cold dark night in January, Werekin & Frogprince got together to play with noxious chemicals. Why? Check the WiP (Works in Progress) thread over on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum to view our modular campaign dream set-up, and to follow progress of the realisation of Ludyenhoek Isle in Marienburg's South Dock district.

'Geekgirl' Michelle Steele was on-hand to collect evidence. What follows is candid camera footage uploaded from Werekin's video capture device as two amateur hobby enthusiasts act out their fantasy of becoming mad scientists while building a maritime wargames table for playing Mordheim. Please note that if you want to skip straight to the good stuff then you should just load up Part 3.

Step One: The Opening
In part one of 'Making of a Mutiny' the intrepid enthusiasts release noxious vapours from a 5L tin of polyester resin and the catalyst agent used as its hardener.

Step Two: The Mixing
In part two of 'Making of a Mutiny' the daring hobbyists plow on through potent fumes released by toxic chemicals in their ambitious quest to achieve Warhammer world hobby utopia.

Step Three: The Pouring
In part three of 'Making of a Mutiny' the foolhardy wargamers continue to dabble with highly toxic chemicals in the hope of creating a gaming table worthy of the seafaring scum and river pirates to be found in Marienburg.

Out-take: The Elven Gauntlet
"The gloves are off!" Well actually, they are not even on yet in this video from the 'Making of a Mutiny' as Chris tries to squeeze his big hands into some fetching protective elven gauntlets.

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