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Mordheim has developed a cult following. The game is a spin-off from Warhammer. While the Specialist Games no longer receive the attention they once did in an official capacity there is still an awful lot of hard work put into developing the Warhammer suite. It is from this which Mordheim campaigning draws inspiration and depth. The support comes from you.

Recently I had the pleasure of sharing a PDF containing all of the best Hired Swords available in Mordheim campaign. Advanced* rules solutions and suggestions in 'Swords of the Empire' have been included to give campaigns more depth and reality. There was brilliant feedback here on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum concerning a number of issues. One of these topics related to enforcing a maximum capacity on the number of Hired Swords appearing with a warband.


The maximum limit placed on Heroes is 6. While a warband would be hard-pressed to employ and retain more than 6 Hired Swords (and see them survive!) it would technically be possible for more to be acquired if a limit was not applied. That being the case I'm supporting the sensible suggestion that a limit of 6 Hired Swords per warband be applied.

A slick new Warband Roster Sheet is now available to record your Hired Swords on, thanks to the established specialist in this field! Sean 'Zetazot' Maroney has updated the roster on behalf of the Mordheim community on previous occasions most recently for Border Town Burning.

Download the new Warband Roster Sheet here:
Mutiny in Marienburg Roster Sheet (PDF, ca. 0.7 MB)

On top of making more efficient use of space the new form was improved to allow for mounts and draft animals to be recorded in the calculation of your warband rating. Other tweaks will appear aesthetic at this stage because the full story concerning campaign 'Plots' and their 'Objectives' is yet to unfold.

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BenjaminNeale said...

Fantastic! Finally some innovation in creating PDF rosters that better cater for more than just Heroes and Henchmen. Now we just need the editable PDF to be updated for this new layout and we'll be getting close to perfection. :-D

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