Fortresses of Marienburg

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To battle out urban skirmishes in a post-medieval fantasy environment properly you need to have lots of battlements!

Fortresses dominate the landscape of the worlds greatest port. Across the islands of Marienburg you can expect to see the torch-lit ramparts of the city walls. Overlooking bridges are gargoyle decorated parapets atop foreboding towers. Lagoons lie in the shadow of grisly gatehouses and weather-beaten keeps used as watch-station barracks.

The lions share of modelling magic you will see on Liber Malefic comes courtesy of Carl 'Scenery Bloke' Merrell. Carl guests incognito by the name 'Shanks' on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.

Once the Marienburg gaming table was completely assembled I had promised to upload some decent shots. But when do you stop adding extra features to an already generously proportioned gaming set up? I am having real trouble drawing the line. And it has become a struggle to prioritise other hobby activity. Already I have begun work on incorporating tasteful terrain releases from Games Workshop. This was a natural progression because Carl cleverly began splicing leftover sections from GW releases into his custom builds to enhance the look. I furnished our turf wars with a humble watchtower before moving on to an elaborate addition; the Garden of Morr set with crypts aplenty was the perfect accompaniment to Carl's graveyard scenery including an grand mausoleum. Here amongst tombstones, gangs battled in style for buried spoils at Deedsveld Cemetery in the Porters Wall district (you can actually see the graveyard on the Great Map).

Tempting me to indulge my inner-geek next was a 'Skullvane Manse' going on sale. Instead of succumbing to the temptation of the Astromancer's Lair, I began assembling the 'Wonder of the Age' better known as my Marienburg Land Ship because it ought to help smugglers get around! There is an awful lot of illicit cargo passing through the Unterdock.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are more photographs being uploaded to the City of Secret Deals gallery on the community forum. The evolving South Dock (Suiddock) gaming table also showcases buildings which feature in the 'Mutiny in Marienburg' campaign setting as encampments. In the MiM campaign, I have redefined encampments. Clear rules will express the way (that deeds to) encampments can be acquired by committing skulduggery through waterfront happenings & achievements, and later contested by Heroes & Henchmen during maritime campaign scenarios.

Speaking of heroic new villains and gangland scenarios, it must be time I started sharing my pelagic concepts for warbands with the wider community.

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