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Musing the nature of secret deals, I spent some time this week reorganising my collection. This presents so much temptation to gush about collecting Citadel miniatures, perhaps mentioning a few of my own backroom deals. Trades done to acquire rare items. Resin, plastic, lead or white metal to pursue conversion projects or simply round out some of my favourite sculpts from across the years to represent the Mordheim and Marienburg personalities.

What I need to be doing right now is updating links for sharing player aids. A lot of the Mutiny in Marienburg files being circulated currently are years out of date, been hijacked by third party writers who I spent no collaborative time with, or were left incomplete. Recently I have updated the campaign again during the global pandemic by referring to all of my unedited campaign notes. I made so many notes! I mean, a lot! Living lockdown life like a druidic cave hermit means this is the perfect time to get organised. One of the major breakthroughs was my collaboration with Nuno Martins on the Boatyard! Our player guide completes the Marketplace chapter by proposing some intense modelling opportunities.
What follows is a list of confirmed chapters with links to my Google Drive. The first section is devoted to background information. I am setting this part out still so most links won't be active yet. You don't need it to play MiM campaigns! The 'fluff' section is largely based on collating relevant content in the form of knowledge gained from every published source. It provides motives, commissions and scams to provide inspiration. Since I have been enjoying messing around with the Gazetteer this month, I may as well include a preview for that. The rest is the stuff you need to play. You will also need access to a copy of the Mordeim Rulebook, Empire in Flames, Border Town Burning and the Mordheim Annual. Remember all of these can be resourced online by visiting somewhere like Broheim.

An Epic Maritime Adventure Setting for Mordheim
01. Greatest Port in the Old World
02. City of Secret Deals
03. The Grand Sewer Network, Canals & Districts
04. An Almanac of Marienburg Crime
05. A Gazetteer of the Wasteland Country
06. Imperial Calendar Guide

Maritime Campaigns
07. Epic Campaign Rules
08. Unknowable Cargo 'Marienburg's Manifest'
09. Adventure Seeds 'Campaign Objectives'
10. Core Scenarios 1-10 / Special Scenarios 11-18
11. Waterfront Encounters 'Random Happenings'
12. Undertown / Metal-Mongers 'Skaven Armada'
13. Daemon Swamp / Lords of the Marsh 'Fimir Ambush Parties'
14. Wasteland Exploration
15. Marketplace
16. Infamous Haunts
17. Corrupted Characters

Crimefighters & Cons
18. Miracle Workers 'Priests of the Empire'
19. Watchmen 'Constabulary Patrols'
20. Channel Rats 'Strigany River Gypsies'
21. Sea Ghosts 'Elf Rangers'
22. Militant Mootlanders 'Halfling Rogues'
23. Shallows Beasts 'Cult of Stromfels'
24. Low Kings 'Marienburg Crime Cartels'
25. Specialists 'Hired Swords'
26. Topical Issues 'Marienburg FAQ'

Hired Swords Compendium
Swords of the Empire

It was my intention to reintroduce concepts by pinning useful guidelines to memorable themes particularly by demonstrating their practical applications, throughout the campaign scenarios. This encourages players to apply the same rules for starting fires, entering buildings, making arrests, going underground, transporting cargo, sailing ships and more, if they become familiar.

Special rules tackling crime, boats and cargo are sometimes split between different chapters. This breaks down advanced gameplay into bite size chunks for players to explore, unravel and piece together as your campaign narrative unfolds.

This campaign revolves around the power of commerce. Major themes are crime, punishment, trade and piracy. Cops and robbers are played by the watch patrols and river pirates operating around the complicated canal network. All of the traditional warbands will have their roles to play alongside the gangs of Marienburg.


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Hi, I have a doubt with the Low Kings Warband, the combo with a Fence and a Trade Wagon, permit the trade with other warbands? Because in the Hero rules say nothing but in the rules of Trade deals is the exemple.


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