Wasteland odyssey

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The Fortress of the Star Gem on the Sandy Coast with its fertile countryside, irrigated by the Anurein floodwaters, was the richest city in the in the asur colonies. Celebrated by Elves as the Breadbasket of Elthin Arvan. After the Scouring of Sith Rionnasc in the 536th reigning year of Menlaeth Caledor II, all that was left behind was a morass of silt and mud that would never again be anything more than a quagmire. The city was erased from the world. It's razed foundations lost in the muck of marsh and fen.

Elves mourn the loss of their colonial pinnacle. At its expense, the wrath of Dwarfs created somewhere else. Somewhere celebrated by Old World hobbyists such as myself for over 30 years. The Wasteland Country. At the heart of a mercantile nation ruled by burgomeisters sits the city-port Marienburg. Surrounded by uncultivated swamps and barren wilderness.
Storytelling and lore in the Old World is chiefly dominated by cityscapes and the battlefield settings where epic conflicts took place. The War of Vengeance brought ruin to elves in the form of Morgrim 'Ironbeard' Bargrum, the Elgidum (meaning 'Elf Doom'). Exodus of all asur from Elthin Arvan (meaning "The Fated Place", the Eltharin name for the Old World) followed such devastating loss in battle. As a consequence a new playground was created for the race of mankind. First founded by the Jutones tribe as Barony of Westerland, the province later became the Wasteland. It's collective population of townsfolk, villagers and isolationists who survive life outside of the city are known as Wastelanders.
Early worldbuilding of the Wasteland took place in the Nineties when James Wallis licensed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay under Hogshead Publishing. Following a series of articles published by White Dwarf magazine in 1989 fleshing out Marienburg, was a pair of supplements for the First Edition of WFRP. Anthony Ragan lovingly exposed Marienburg and Wasteland Country in Marienburg: Sold Down the River [1999]. The Dying of the Light [1995] featured nine linked scenarios and was packed with visuals detailing the wilderness landscape.
"There are no peasants in Marienburg, because they can't tend fields with all those rings on their fingers."
— Popular Imperial myth
Many publications have visited Marienburg since. Particularly novels and short stories, a list for which is provided in this earlier article. Second Edition WFRP campaign book The Thousand Thrones [2008] dedicated a couple of chapters to the area. Third Edition WFRP release The Witch's Song [2011] provided a little related context. The Wasteland itself remained chiefly unspoiled until February 2021 when under license from Games Workshop, a software company Virtual Realms released Warhammer Odyssey. This mobile device platform MMO (massively multi-player online) game developed since 2019 was forced into early retirement in 2022 based on hackers actively attacking it and associated costs as reported here.
Before the game was shutdown I had the chance to give it a play online, speak with other fans enjoying it and make some notes about the experience. What stole my interest was the digital artwork of landscapes. 3D scenery architecture seen in gameplay is often impressive. The 2D landscape art is nothing short of explosive eye candy. I discovered an outsourcing design company called Tokkun Studio produced digital concept art and character design for Virtual Reams and Games Workshop, when I came across beautiful example pieces profiled on their Artstation showcase platform.
Their studios are based in France and Japan (Kyoto), so I am hoping to confirm which artists were responsible for these magnificent works.
Entertaining characters were often presented. Most if its narratives were superbly coherent. It was pleasing to discover they were doing a grand job of fitting in with established Warhammer lore. While I played Odyssey or followed video gamers more adept than myself I found myself taking notes. For posterity I decided it could be a fun exercise to write up a report. What follows is mostly based on summarising landscapes visited in quests, preserving narratives used for adventures, based on character interactions the story arcs were built around.

The Wasteland is one of three core landscapes visited in Odyssey. The other two are the Drakwald Forest and Marienburg itself, split into the North and South of the city. The opening scene is a fighting retreat from the Drakwald. Beastmen raiders have wrought carnage in the forest following an ambush. It serves well as a short introduction as none of these issues can be resolved right now.
Fortunately a ship is reachable on the coastline, meaning the beast attack take place close to the forest's edge. There is a warrior-priest of Sigmar and a dwarf responsible for organising the withdrawal. Both personalities resurface later in the story in connection with a suspected conspiracy. Boarding the ship, instantly transports us to Rijkspoort Dock. We learn the vessel is blessed as Haendryk’s Favour.
As player characters in this digital campaign, selectable from Warhammer races and classic WFRP careers, the presentation quickly introduces an array of NPC's (non-player characters) to help or hinder their progress.
In the opening scenes we meet Wolfgang Raumstandt who appears to be a trader and Farni Vilmisson, Dwarf Blacksmith, whose work is unmatched in Marienburg. A mighty claim indeed, since in 'Warblade' by David Ferring (from the Konrad Saga Volume 3) we learned that the best swordsmith in Marienburg is Barra of Albion.

Atypical for the setting is being introduced to a pair of Sigmarites so soon. Worship of Sigmar is discouraged here. Katarin Dottern, leader of the Witch Hunter cell in Marienburg. Zena Hergig, quartermaster for the cell. Aside from established Warhammer lore detailing Annika Bohringer and Valetin Krieger being women in the Cult of Sigmar and the Kriegers being judicial representatives of the church as ordained hunters for the East, this exemplifies a rare precedent. Sigmarite templars operating in a city which is not sympathetic to the Heldenhammer! A critical piece of detail here is Katarin and Zena are referred to as working cases in a clandestine cell system. Because in Marienburg the witch hunters have no jurisdication, unless decided differently by the ruling elite Merchant Council who govern the city.
Marienburg North
The Salty Squid stall, is reached by crossing into Rijkspoort Exhange. The attention to detail in development is magnificent. While the journey may not make it possible to enter closed premises, street based travel permits visits on foot to vendors hawking their wares, exploration through open-ended buildings and mercantile areas that include city plazas. Central Square in the major one in the Nord. Some are decorated with statues dedicated to the God of the Sea. There is a counting house, auction house, watch houses all guarded by the city's watch troopers, the Black Caps. There's even a mailbox, with a reminder they are used throughout the Old World. Are they? Later in the story, coaching services are introduced as a time saving mechanism. Somewhere else there must be a post office and coaching houses.
The Marienburg Auction House in Central Square is a lovely touch. Auctioneers Pryce, Bengt and Odwin represent the house. Interacting with personalities and stumbling across familiar items alonsgide more scarce articles, like Ishan Orb (used by mages) bring Marienburg Nord to life. The Salty Crow Inn, and Singing Ferryman Inn are hotspots in Marienburg Nord. I struggled as a participant on the game platform. There are so many combat actions to complete. The amount of street level crime is impossible to trace fight by fight. It was easier to annotate the villians based on observing third party duels. I prefer to sit things out when developing my own campaign scenarios.
Gold Mound
In the Goudberg (Gold Mound district) there are face-offs with: Goudberg Vandals, Arsonists, Rabble Rousers, Angry Louts and Harridans. Over in Van Haagen Square: Cagey Activists, Grain Thieves, Hooligans, Malcontents, Radicals, Reactionaries and Marcus the Firebrand. After tangling with the Firebrand, there's a string of Marienburg Nord bosses: Barry ‘Hands’ Fitch, Sandro ‘The Wire’, Houndmaster Vilkins, Black Bag Boss Carridan, Andriss ‘The Ruin-Seer’ and Polsen the Darktouched (wearing Nehekharan bracelet), Gnasher and packmates, Falx ‘The Fixer’ and Corun Gangers, Scherpe the Shooter and Hireling Assassins, Korst the Counterfeiter and Hireling Alchemists, Kat the Honest with Man-At-Arms and Pistolier.
Riot Act
The main narrative confirms the Black Cap command has a riot on their hands. It seems to be a citywide problem. Anarchists, rats and the Ten are tied into this plot. Streets are volatile. Some rioters are tougher than they look. Smashing up the city. Shopkeepers say the whole place has reeked of something rotten for months. Civilians going missing in Marienburg Suid, a rise in the rat problems and a sense of unease. Traders joke Morrslieb’s making everyone green with envy!
Chaos on the Streets!
The watch erected barricades which the rioters reinforce. Their sheer numbers pushed the Black Caps back. Tavern landlord James Lenamann and Innkeeper Voigt are out defending their business. When riots begin, streets near the plaza are taken over by local gangs looking to cash in on the chaos of the riots. The Black Caps keep them out of the square proper but thugs are persistent. If tavern regulars don’t run them off themselves. If routes are clear of gang members, innkeepers are able to freely transport additional supplies. Supply carriages are cited as a means to offer fast transportation to any region.
Generous Benefactors
Attempted assassination of one of the Ten, is confirmed to be a major plot point. This has huge significance as there are Ten Great Merchant Familes whose representatives form the ruling elite governing the city. If one were murdered it would send shockwaves through the nation. Three main shopkeepers in the area; Sigurd Hagen, Nathaniel Du Fres and Barry Wells, are engaged in a side-quest 'Community Outreach' while other market stall traders provide supplies; Roland Werner (equipment) and Martin Steinemeyer (food) yet James Lenamann, who must be landlord of the Singing Ferryman Inn, returns to the fore. Lenamann explains there is a problem with a new gang. A trio of local thugs demanding protection money. The Finnglaz Brothers and their Gang Enforcers are a threat that needs to be removed by teaching them a lesson. This inevitably means putting Davvid, Stepan and Kierann to the sword. Most of the titling for character is well considered throughout. Astute readers may notice a few names mentioned are less immersive than is standard for Old World content.
East Wall
Lenamann then speaks of Captain Virens of the Black Caps, as a sour-puss. Coming from humble beginnings and has not been afraid to take risks to his career to make sure the right thing was done. Virens took his concerns to the Ten themselves, as a junior officer, and got a previous Captain arrested, tried, and sent to Rijker’s Isle. Men like that make enemies but Virens is one to trust. He knows Lenamann sometimes takes the law into his own hands and has warned there will be consequences if he’s caught. Gain Virens respect and he’ll always be honest with you and never let you down, even if he’s out of his depth and a by-the-book arse. He never falters in the line of duty.
The best path to Nordmuur (North Wall district) is heading to the Temple of Sigmar in Ostmuur (East Wall district) to the north. The safest way is travelling through the Black Cap outposts. The next logical one is suggested at the Temple of Sigmar. Church Square being is shunned by most Marienburgers (not Sigmar worshippers) providing credence to that theory. Before we step into the next plot phase, briefly assessing the local boroughs exposes a couple of burning flaws in this ambitious campaign.

Leaving the Goudberg at its north end, approaching canalside dwellings of Ostmuur, is Garret Square. All of these residential districts are mainly comprised of working class tenements. This is basic Warhammer Roleplay geography. Narrow alleys connect the The Garret ward famed for its greatest living artists workshops. Several city neighbourhoods like Garret, where working class make enough to eke out some comfortable living sit securely alongside Marienburg's middle class. They exist in Noordmuur, Ostmuur and Rijkspoort. Kruiersmuur (Porter's Wall) visited later in the story, represents the oldest city quarter, occupied by shop owners and artisans. Canal networks and the multi-storey dwellings are completely ignored. Depth was not part of the developers vision. Most of Marienburg, its narrow buildings stand tall, two to four storeys above a business at ground floor. Shopkeepers live in first floor homes above their businesses with upper floors rented out. None of this complexity enters into the narratives. A world of dimensions that explodes in tabletop play, as anyone who plays Mordheim will testify.

Church Square
The church in Marienburg Nord is a landmark location. This is actually the Chapel of Sigmar in Ostmuur. Solace with Sigmar has only been found at the chapel house since a bloody uprising took place, causing the main Temple to Sigmar to be closed. The building remains locked to this day. Following the violent insurgence against devotees of the Heldenhammer in Temple District, observances were discreetly moved to this small chapter facility. Warrior-Priest Dieter Rolsch stands watch, talented but sarcastic. He appeared in opening scenario. Rolsch presents Father Haldric Verdemeer, a worthy priest although he can be a little impatient. Brother Cawlings is introduced, as quartermaster for the church and equipment in the temple armoury.
Since the city seceded from the Empire - a truly sad day among Sigmarites - the Church has been dogged with accusations. Priests worry the riots may risk their followers’ lives. They would like to secure safe pathway through the city. Secret passages were built to quickly ferry people out in case of siege or invasion. Father Verdemeer knows the entrance to this passage. Is it safe, still clear and leads out into a safe and secure location? There could be subsidence since the city is built on marshland. Another setback has recently come to light…

The Watch are organising supply chains to the granary after riots. Repelling the rioters around the temple. Traders in the vicinity: Aldan Richtmann (equipment) and Yvette Glaster (food) selling ships biscuits, fresh greenstalks, hard-boiled eggs and Rijkskress Blossom. Securing the exit of a secret passage comes next. No surprise that tunnels connect to the Marienburg Grand Sewer Network.
All Quiet Down Below
Checking the nearby secret tunnel exit point leads to all sorts of danger. Defeating huge tunnel spiders, called gutter crawlers. Spider fangs from a monstrous gutter crawler are gory riches. There's an appendice dedicated to them in WFRP The Imperial Zoo release. Bug bounty is being paid for killing sewer spiders. Almost unbelievable is running into the legendary Gotrek and Felix. I knew this meeting was coming and of course they did famously arrive in the city during novelisation events recapped in Elfslayer and Slayer of the Storm God, so it serves as a fitting homage.
“I ken ye want a breath of fresh air, but I still ain’t forgiven ye fer bringin, us down below. So, let’s be havin’ ye and me gae search for the Dwarfen foundations in the sewers, tae prove we were ‘ere first.”
— Gotrek Gurnisson, Trollslayer
Breaches into the sewers are repaired by the guild of stone masons. Certain grates are kept under lock and key, passed down by predecessors of the temple clergy. Using the tunnels to reach Rijkspoort from Marienburg Nord.
Certain elements within the city knew about the Sigmarites arrival at the Moon Table. Word of it reaching Beastmen in the Drakwald. The Tidecrest ship never reached their position. Smoke was seen coming from the shores of the Wasteland. Investigating the fate of this missing ship. If the Black Caps will not grant passage outside the city, Sigmar shows another path. A loyal boatman, Calven Weiss, devout member of Father Verdemeer’s congregation, will ferry those faithful to Sigmar. Finding the ferryman where he plies his trade from western piers of Rijkspoort to the Wasteland.
This section of narrative was not entirely coherent. The Moon Table was not adequately explained in the opening scenes of the campaign. It loosely ties the Sigmarites motives and egress to their earlier actions led under the warrior-priest Rolsch. Strongly suggesting it could be secret society organisation of members meeting covertly. There are an awful lot of Sigmarites sneaking around in Nord so naturally they prefer to covene in furtive gatherings. There is a brief distraction with amusing dialogue courtesy of a nearby entrepreneur. Being new to the city is no excuse for the fact that he is Bretonnian! The imbecile clearly has no idea where he is or what he is doing here.
“I’m a trader from Bretonnia. My brothers and I just arrived in Marienburg, but then the riots started and I’ve been stressed to the nines. When we first arrived in town I bought some herbal tea from Groenewoud’s… I was told it was good for the nerves!”
— Hensel Beilen, Bretonnian Merchant
Leaving the city on a boat trip up the coast, to investigate a missing ship, the Tidecrest. Off to the Wasteland, at last.
Wreckers Point
Gone in search of the missing ship. Stranded on a beach is a sailor who captained the unfortunate Tidecrest. Curiously this shoreline referred to as Wreckers Point, is a different map location on the coastline to Reavers' Point. The captain settles down upon realising he's not dealing with the pirate scum who ran his ship aground.
Ya murderous scum! Ye think I’ll go without a fight?!

Friend, ye say? Nowt like those wreckers who sunk my ship and killed my crew as they desperately swam to shore.

Manann wept, and his tears were red like their blood.

Then my carrier pigeon got through. Praise be, Dieter is an honourable man who certainly cares for his own.

No, damnation, no! It can’t be coincidence. Morrslieb was almost full and our lookouts should’ve seen the wreckers clearly, yet they fell upon us when a chance cloud obscured the light. Help this old Cap’n take revenge on those vagrant killers and perhaps we’ll recover some cargo before it disappears into Broekwater’s black markets.

Ya can take their stolen booty from under their stinking noses or seek vengeance for me and me crew by slaying them where they stand.

Even if we retrieve the cargo, there’s no guarantee the contents will have survived falling into the sea. Bring me what you find, and I’ll see what we can salvage.

The wreckers are still scouring the shore, lookin’ for the cargo and any survivors. Kill ‘em where they stand.

Those damned wreckers wouldn’t think twice about slitting your throat. I wouldn’t spare them any mercy.

I’d never be able to look Dieter in the face again if we’d returned to Marienburg completely empty handed.”

— Captain Brauberd, Marienburg Sailor
All that follows is a series of fights, with quests for saving surviving crew and recovery of his lost cargo: Wrecking the Wreckers, Seeking Salvage, Saving the Survivors, Brauberd’s Revenge. Lortzeit is the Wrecker Boss who leads Wrecker Scavengers and Wrecker Guards.

Fate of the Tidecrest
Initial Wasteland exploration is a short foray. Reporting discoveries back to important NPC's becomes a trend. Informing the priest Dieter Rolsch of Brauberd’s activity after sailing back to port. Investigating abductions near Church Square is next. Captain Virens is guarding the temple chapel with Trooper Maervils upon return to the city.
The Garret
The Garret is a winding network of streets and canals leading to the squares that surround it. Jeremy Scheurle’s friend Johanas was dragged off into an alley during the riots, towards the north end of Goldmound. His abductors were in robes or long vestment. This turns out to be a band of Chaos Cultists! Captain Virens confirms the Nightingale Inn offered refuge to locals and Black Caps injured in the rioting. The innkeeper Flo may require assistance. Irildar Ferlirian of the Nightingale Inn Patrons is a vendor found north east of Garret Square. The elf specialises in trading Shadow Warrior gear.
Alert the Overseer
Edvard Van Der Kraal is at Dealer's Market in the Garret Square. A Marienburg Land Ship is parked here. Garret Square, on the cityside which leads out to road to the Drakwald from the North East Gate. A jewel heist has been reported. There are agitators in the square. Soldi Skarrinsdottir is a Dwarf Engineer. She plies her trade with the Garret Square Traders Association. Hosgrun Kandarsson Dwarfsteel Imports Co. is found at Singing Ferryman Inn. He trades in Dwarfen equipment including trollslayer gear.
The Screams
Screams have been heard from a nearby alley. Van Der Kraal is not paid to save locals, the Black Caps are. There is a pool of blood and the alley wall is painted with streaks of it. The spatters indicate it was no accident. A trail of blood leads away from the incident. A series of confrontations occur with consequences: Back Alley Brawling. Alley Skulkers and more Chaos Cultists. Delving in Dark Alleys.
Where the Crows Roost
Meanwhile there was an attempt on the Landship. Someone was trying to split Manann’s Blades with the back alley distraction. The Marienburg-class Land Battleship parked in Garret Square, is a war machine worth more to the Ten in the square it sits in. That’s why the Blades were awarded the contract to guard it. Cultists are targeting battleship crew. The Black Caps are tasked to inspect buildings and sweep the streets.

Gangs with a stranglehold on Nord, include Corun gang members. Merely the razor’s edge of the crime that goes on beneath the streets. Gangers in Garret are led by Corun the Cruel. Crimes and reported to Trooper Krannick while Lieutenant Muis is waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Deputisation to the watch is classic roleplaying. Restore order and recover stolen ammunition pouches from Danvin the Devilish and the Danvin Gang Cutthroats, before returning to Trooper Crowley. Moore Street Manglers have taken gunpowder barrels. The gang leader is Maren the Mangler. Return to Trooper Schneider after dealing with this scum. Infighting between gang members in their alleys to establish top dog means the Black Caps just cart off the bodies.
Unrest and Realisation
Near to Salty Crow Inn, Lieutenant Kalten welcomely accepts favours from willing warriors who venture into the district. Securing food supplies from anarchists to help secure the trade road, reporting to Lieutenant Franke. Hitch a ride with the supply wagon henceforth. Not before resolving a local family conflict in 'Blood Feud Brothers' - Salvage Boris Bachmann’s supplies from Norris Bachmann and his goons.

Dark Heart of the Wood
Back to wandering woods in the Drakwald Forest. Reachable again thanks to carriage services. Summarising events and personalties from locations here for anyone interested in braving forestry danger when expanding their campaigns.
Ruby Rose Inn has a Shrine to Sigmar
Nathaniel Muller, Innkeeper
Faulk’s Sentinel, Home of the Hunters
Huntsman Grean, Huntsman Koavik, Huntsman Sonndagh, Vogel, Villems
Beastherd (of Kraugoth) has taken residence with Ungor Horn-Polishers, Gor Marauders, Gor and Ungor Poachers using traps
Taalsthorn local healing herb
Huntsmen’s Lodge area, Thedr Hasbilt (Food Merchant), Clarin Heistag (Merchant)
Cabin in the Woods, a Midnight Stroll
Old Rosey’s Shack, Witch’s cottage
Cull the Herd, Herdstone, Bestigor Bruisers
The Riverhouse
Reik’s Watch Fort
Quartermaster Howerdel, Victoria Molenaar
Abandoned Mine
Ungor Pillagers, Starving Warhound, Ungor Rootgnawers
Return to Eadoin Muller
Return to the injured Trooper Almfarrer with healing salve, who has a sister
Drakwald bears and wolves, Frenzied black bears, Starving wolves, Drakwald Creeper (giant spider)
Reikbend Falls
Gave, a Mother’s Shame
Dragon’s Fall
Skaven Clanrats, Clanrat Scouts, Skaven Scavengers
Repairing the Damage, Return to Nathaniel Muller with spare parts
Drakwald Research Expedition
Restless Bones, Thildas Lordrecht (undead champ)
Kraugoth the Goremonger
Crimson Defiants, Drakwald Patrol (from Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire)
Marienburg South
Reverting to city streets, we arrive in Marienburg Suid. Much of existing storytelling lore revolves around the Suiddock (South Dock district) which provides welcome change that Odyssey developers took the plunge into Nord before reverting to Suid. Refreshingly incidents based in Suid initially revolve around Kruiersmuur (Porter’s Wall district) - 'Reagent Requisition' serves as our opening chapter. Sub-plots and side quests provide crunchy filler in roleplay adventure. Bunting hangs on the streets, for a Tide Festival.
A Tilean threat, is the immediate diversion but surprisingly ties into seeking alchemical components. Clever deflection from the main story veers into Remas Way/North Miragliano territory on the Great Map. Interrogate Tileans about why they are threatening Tjorram Ullisson’s business. Collect the herb Nesserend from apothecary Tjorram. Icon of Valaya and relic of Shallya form part of the puzzle. Pieces of bark from vine creepers need be resourced in Deedesveld Graveyard. To say the cemetery is notorious for attracting dark denizens and dirty deeds would be an understatement.
Where the Dead Lie
Defeating 20 zombies in Deedesveld in the first of challenges and not the last of problems associated with the scary burial grounds. Lieutenant Baumann works for Captain Virens. The Captain and his friends have been noticed for asking too many pertinent questions and are being targeted. To weaken his position, members of his patrol have been divided by being moved elsewhere, by a higher authority. This has increased the threat ratio surrounding the cemetery. Rioters ransacked nearby homes. More zombies now carry the stolen goods gathered in the riot. Retrieving their belongings is enough to keep locals busy.
Dmitri Hrodovsky wants dirt to be dug up on Stellan Drieder, who has threatened the Kislevan's friends and business partners. Visit a shop next to Stellan’s, to find out plans provides side quest distraction: Situation Remedied, Scouting the Competition. Dmitri's Apothecary in the heart of Porter's Wall, on the Zoutevis (Saltfish canal), is a recognisable shop from Sold Down The River.
Lieutenant Holt reports rats keep coming out of the sewers, as if something is down there disturbing them. Ravenous Rats are encountered in 'Another Tide of Vermin' and Priestess Valle from the Cult of Shallya gets properly introduced.
Little Moot
Meeting Lieutenant Faarn at the Halfling Quarter barricade raises eyebrows. The Kleinmoot (Little Moot) being inaccessable by a road block means something strange is afoot in Suid. The embargo offers a convenient explanation for why we never see a single halfling abroad in the city! Seeking Trooper Van Oord at Tarnopol’s Clock Tower to deal with local thieves. Officers here report to Captain Rocha. Another map location highlighted nearby is Southwest Gate. Gates lead out from the city into the marshes.

Kruiersmuur Dock
Porter’s Wall district waterfront host Linadrion. She is an elf lady of splendor and importance, armed with a staff and dressed in her robes of office. The asur ambassador is a long way from Saphery. Purging his body of sickness, using the reagent is her task at hand. Torleck Torvarsonn is the same dwarf met in the Drakwald when the campaign begins. What she owes the dwarf is undisclosed. The quest to cleanse the wound and restore enough health to bring about his recovery. Reach someone last seen there who is the only individual with the skill to save Torleck. Finding a way to get to the Wasteland depends on where you're going. The last destination was easy as it was only a boat ride away. The next destination is a carriage ride through West Gate up the road. Dwarf artisans can always be trusted to give good directions! Some even have matching tattoos.
The Coast Road Camp
Corporal Braam, of Reaver’s Point Free Company is commanding a tacticial position on the Old Coast Road. The highway winds its way around the Wasteland coastline. Dark Elf raiders have landed down on a beach to the north, pillaging anything and razing buildings. They will inevitably be taking captives as is their way. The Free Company is armed at the ready. Local militia is not equipped to fight a bay landing of a Corsair ships at Broekwater village. Troops are helping evacuate the townsfolk under Captain Dekker who is supervising evacuation at the fishing village.
Making an opportunistic appearance in camp is a Barnabas Metzger, Equipment Trader. There is an episode 'Hands Me Downs' that involves handing certain items over so it becomes evident that 'Broekwater' Barnabas is as shady as they come. Ship parts often salvaged from wrecks, can be found for trade in the village. Metzger is a notorious fence dealing outside of the city. He looks like an absolute weasel.
Broekwater Village
Witch Elves and Dark Elf warriors have reached the road further along. 'Secure the Road' seems an impossible mission against such deadly foes. Druchii invade Wasteland territory in considerable enough numbers to overcome any resistance. Advancing along the coast from their Corsair ship landings, the intruders have fanned out. They seem disorganised, giving Captain Dekker a fighting chance as he mounting his defence against the fiends. Checking storm cellars and repairing roofs to secure any defensible locations. Meeting Dekker we learn the latest whereabouts of Frod the Herbalist, who has very recently been seen in the village. Frod is the enigma who can resolve the reagents riddle. Her chemistry and thaumaturgy talents are Torleck's golden ticket back from the afterlife. Unfortunately Frod is no longer here now but Dark Elves are!
Escaping civilians include Bruno Masel and Erwin Lang, who talks aboug returning to camp and confessing to the guards. Bruno claims returning to the camp will be suicide. To avoid certain death he talks of a 'sanctuary'. It is a secret cave on the beach known to the Wrecker Jura. Bruno's association with Jura appears to be untraceable. The coastal caves he speaks of will be eventually uncovered much later. A hidden gathering of wreckers is tracked to at a wrecked Elven ship on the beach, including Trooper Mader, who is found to be a traitor. There are no obvious signs of cultism.
After securing the village defences in the absence of Metzger or any of its other suspected pirate townsfolk, Dekker has more tasks. Investigate Watch Towers. There is a series of towers facing the coast. Dark Elves use sorcery to hide their appproach, making their raids difficult to report. Corporal Labadie is in charge of the Reavers at the Eastern Watchtower.
The Watch Towers
The Watch Tower is an important corner stone of tabletop gaming for Mordheim fans. It is lucky for a coastline to be guarded by more than one. Blessed weapon crates need to be recovered for Trooper Boer. Morale is shot. Such is the viciousness of the druchii assault. Troops are on the verge of collapse. Emergency repairs are required. Dark Elf pirates used magic to bombard the tower. There are refugees inside the lower floors. Delivery of stone to the Temple of Manann in Broekwater happened recently. Repairing the tower will shore up defences. Quick repairs can be carried out using some of the blocks if they can be moved. The priests won’t mind. Revisiting the village, a Mariner-Priest is found being terrorised by screaming Witch Elves.
Herman de Haan thanks Manann's providence for the vanquishing of his attackers, fearing he was about to perish by their hand or his own! Herman asks to be accompanied back to the church.
The Northern Watchtower is besieged by a dozen dark elf warriors. Corporal Kensroth reports one of the guards went missing from the tower so he sent a patrol out to look for him. They failed to return and he needs them found, hopefully so they return to strengthen the base. They've gone missing along the Elven Road. If they return to the tower he might spare a few men to find Frod in all this madness.
Surviving members of the patrol are escorted back to find some of the scouts have made their way back, some are wounded. Kensroth is grateful everyone reached safety. He can't afford any manpower to find the alchemist, although one of the villagers claims they saw Frod heading into Grootscher Marsh. Apparently she has a small shack out there and it might be isolated enough to avoid attention from the Dark Elves.
The map position for Broekwater is similarly positioned on the coast to Wrecker’s Point which is not much of a coincidence. It is past cursed Almshoven on the Old Coast Road. By this stage the settlement is in flames as it was overrun by Black Ark Corsairs. They have a noticeable number of empty gibbets here. Townsfolk have already fled for their lives to evade capture. Not enough rope to go around.
Corsairs entered the bay more carefully than the Tidecrest did earlier. Ships made landfall on beach under the leadership of Corsair Commander Shrade. Their open position is precarious as they appear beached deliberately in haste. Hurried arrival strategy provides an opportunity to despatch remaining sentries. This helps in breaking the siege.
Some of Broekwater's refugees are now arriving at the Coast Road Camp. Friendly factions mentioned as being abroad in the area are: Silverblade Hunters (Witch Hunters), Doomhowlers (Trollslayers), Longstrider Company (Shadow Warriors). These provide support by building reputation, depending on which characters are being played. The Witch Elf Leader has somehow got her hands on an important parchment. It's a powerful writ so ideally that needs recovering.
Unseen aid in countering the dark elf threat is noticed by Corporal Kensroth when a band of Dark Elves were slaughtered on the northern edge of the marsh. It wasn't the Company who did it. After investigating the area, a Chaos warband of Nurgle Cultists is uncovered at caves near the coast. Entry to the cave is barred by an iron grill. The cave door is locked and the place feels wrong. Unseen threats lurk within.
Unexpected assistance in fighting invaders comes from local pirates. Wreckers don't like Dark Elves making off with their booty either! Wrecker Rudah gets his crew of salty seadogs ready for an ambush.
Valley Bridge
Exploring inland there's visibly unique geography occupying space between Broekwater, the ruins at Almshoven and Cursed Marsh. Canyons offering shelter in a silty, sandy basin environment. The valley is bridged by elven arches supporting the coastal highway. The Old Elven Road was its original name. Rare architecture indeed to have weathered the destruction of Sith Rionnasc.
Udo Wanner is researching a slew of new potions by replensihing ingredients from the pit basin. Serpents use the pit as a nesting ground. Udo uses it as supply grounds. Snake fangs from Long Fangs to harvest snake poison for the old man’s latest research. In the peak of mating season, there is a bunch of nests laden with eggs. Udo wants reptilian eggs for research too. He is hiring help on both endeavours: Fangs from the Pit, An Egg-regious Request.
The Road to Bretonnia
A band of brigands are at large in the area. The dark elves reign of terror disrupting traffic has cancelled their trade. The Grizzlies’ job is recovering a hidden chest the brigands stashed near the road to Bretonnia.
Naggaroth scouts are encamped on the bluff overlooking the beach. Torching dark elf supplies in the camp under the rocks disrupts their plans. The scouts leader Commander Creavus is the very swine who picked up an heirloom brooch belonging to Johann Voss, a refugee pining for his Griselda. His heirloom brooch with her picture is returned to hear as a favour after he is lost it escaping from the degenerates.
Investigating a rock slide blocking the is reported back to Corporal Kensroth who is always in the thick of it. Trooper Niels was a traitor working with the druchii corsairs. Treason inevitably leads to his being put to the sword.
Witch hunting gear supplier Karrman Beldrin of the Silverblade Hunters, is one of the only traders doing business on the road. Trooper Moritz hears the foreboding tale of Lorenz Kohl. After treasure hunting for a day the haul was abandoned at camp overrun by swamp spiders including a monstrous swamp spider. I caught whispers of an unseen quest to light a beacon and heard mention of another trade faction called Farshore Historical Society but this leg is over. We are going into the marsh mists to find Frod.

The Alchemist’s Shack
It's time to help Linadrion to save Torleck. Frod the Alchemist has retreated to her shack in the Cursed Marshes. Witch Elves have infiltrated the swamp.
Their skirmish party look comfortable partially submerged in brackish bogwater requiring no invitation to this dance of blades. The Witch Elves deployment forms a loose perimeter blocking the shack.
There is a blood trail at the hut, in smears and puddles. The shack is in disarray. Blood and smashed furniture hint at a recent struggle. A Dark Elf lies dead nearby with a fresh trail of blood leading away from the shack to the south. Following the trail leads straight to Frod.
“Well great, I was just about to catch a valuable insect, and then you plod alomg and scare it away. Has Marienburg sent reinforcememts already? And that gives you reason to disturb me when I’m gathering insects, eh?

Hahaha! I’m just pulling your leg. Loosen up a little, I’m nowhere near as stern as Linadrion can be. Or maybe I am, and I’m just lulling you into a false sense of security… Nope, I’m still pulling your leg. You’re pretty fun, you know that?

Oh buck up. I’m sure you’ve had worse. Linadrion and I go back years. I trust she is well?

Whatever brings you here, I will aid you in any way I can, but if I am to be of use we must return to my shack.

It seems peculiarly coincidental to me that all these events seem to be unfolding in such quick succession.

The Beastherd in the Drakwald, the riots in Marienburg tying down any reinforcements to the areas outside the city, and now the Dark Elves raiding Broekwater.

Don’t look so surprised. I keep my ear to the wind. As to how or why, a woman has to keep some secrets to retain her mystique.

Anyway, enough of my musings. What you ask of me is no simple matter, and will require some preparation. I have some of the reagents needed here, but I’ll need you to source the rest.”

— Frod, Wasteland Alchemist
Her dilapidated cabin (looking positively Carribean) is twhere the magic happens, or more precisely alchemy and herbalism. 12x venom sacs from swamp snakes in the marsh are the first ingredient. Second is uprooting 8x Shallya's Bloom, growing abundantly in the marshland to the south. Vital equipment was collected: Mortar & pestle, alchemical decanter and flasks.
Frod happily provides her remedy for this dwarfen friend of the elf lady. She knows Linadrion well and sends her fondest regards with a sharp wit!
“Well, well, well. You’re quite efficient, aren’t you? You have my than- hang on, did you chip this flask?! Clumsy. At Least it wasn't my decanter. I’d have sailed you across the Sea of Claws to replace that.

Well, that’s the best I can muster. Gven the circumstances, I’m actually fairly pleased with the results. You should hurry back to Marienburg with the remedy and adminster it to youe fiend promptly. I can’t guarantee it will work, but I’m pretty confident that it should do the trick.

I’m guessing she’s still as humorous as a bellyfull of crab apples. Hah, I saw that. You couldn’t really hide that smirk there, could you? Laughter is good therapy for ills too.

Seriously though, at least for a moment. With this you have as much protection against the influence of the Dark Gods as it possible for any mortal to manufacture. If you need more, faith is the only answer.

Sigmar or Manann, Grimnir or Valaya. Asuryan or Isha. Each race has their own pantheon, and while each of these Gods may hold different motives, they all work to prevent the Dark Gods from claiming this world as their own.

You need to take the remedy back to Linadrion, so she can administer it to your Dwarfen friend. I can only do this once, so make the most of it.”

— Frod, Wasteland Alchemist
As thanks for keeping her company and being saved from the Dark Elves, Frod creates something else. She actually needed a few more ingredients for her reward ‘Ironskin Draught’, which would be gathered while searching for the reagents used in Linadrion’s potion. By finding 6x venom glands from spiders in the Western Marshes, 6x Alfunas plants from forest to South East, 4x Slowmind Plants from the Southern Marsh, 3x Sigmafoil from Northern Marsh. Receiving the reward and the potion to save Torleck, the time has come to return to Linadrion in Marienburg.
Return to Porter's Wall
Linadrion administers Frod's remedy to Torleck. The elf envoy has plenty to divulge.
“News of the attack on Broekwater reached the city mere hours ago, and we feared for your safety. My friend, Frod, she still lives? While Frod’s demeanor is often flippant, I appreciate her quickness of wit and her tenacity when it comes to seeking solutions.

While you were in the Wasteland, we have been investigating the sourcebof the unrest in Marienburg. My suspicion is an unseen hand, orchestrating events from behind the scenes to cause havoc. I need you to continue the investigation for me, as there are places in this city where my Elven nature is not well received, and Torleck is still too ill to risk on such a mission.

Your previous work in Ostmuur and Handelaarmarkt uncovered information that hinted at involvement by the Thieves’ Guild in the unrest. Another acquaintance of mine, Vaaren Marth, a thief by trade and privy to some of the Guild’s dealings. He is sympathetic to our cause, and should be willing to disclose what information he has on the matter.”

— Linadrion, Elf Ambassador
Dwarf’s Hold
Spymaster and thief Vaaren Marth, has been Linadrion’s eyes and ears in the city for years, since she regularly visits the city with her band. He has heard rumblings about the source of the unrest but nothing specific. Vaaren offers to find out more on the quiet by sneaking into the Guild to rifle through their records. He requests help with setting up an alibi. Meeting the thief in Dwergsbezit (Dwarf’s Hold) makes for a change of scenery with all of the surrounding dwarfen architecture. There are plenty of huge barrels and impressive stonework in Dwarftown as most residents of the ward are members of the Dwarf Engineers' Guild, expatriate dwarfs who maintain the Vloedmuur sea wall. Meeting here is a stroke of clandestine genius as dwarfs are remarkably tight-lipped.
Drawn in to assist Vaaren in his sneaky plan to steal secret intelligence from Masters of the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs (the Thieves' Guild of Marienburg is more commonly referred to as "The Guild We've Never Heard of") requires heavy commitment. Offing one of his rivals or arranging a ‘terrible accident’ as he puts it. It's a small price for reliable information only he seems capable of extracting.
“The information you’re askin’ for is gonna be well ‘idden, and breakin’ into the Guild’s archive ain’t easy or safe by any standards. Only a few of us who are up to the task, and I don’t need the higher-ups thinkin’ it was me. Which is where you come in.

Everyone in the Guild knows there’s no love lost between me an’ Daven Galliard. He’s ‘nother member of the Guild, cools ‘is heels in the Kruiersmuur in between jobs. If something were to happen to ‘im, chances are the Guild would assume it was me. So, while I’m breaking into the Guild’s offices, you’re gonna go make sure ‘ol Daven has an ‘accident‘. That way I’ve got an alibi that I don’t ‘ave to confess to, and Daven’s double-crossing days are over.

The only thing I could find it that the bosses got paid to keep folks away from the Suiddock wharf for a few days, and to draw the Black Caps’ attention away from it. The Guild’s been paid to do things like this before, but the size of the operation this time is like nothin’ I’ve ever seen.

There’s a Black Cap Captain by the name of Virens. Whoever arranged the riots seems to ‘ave marked ‘is card. Sounds like the man’s incorruptible, which I find ‘ard to believe about anyone, but if it’s true you might want to keep tabs on ‘im. Might be a good source of information, or ‘e might be a noose ‘round your neck. Be sure you know whose side he’s on before tippin’ your hand.”

— Vaaren Marth, Spymaster-Thief
The thief extends his hand by setting up a 'Job on the Side' and who doesn't love a side quest by this point. Claiming cargo for Caldric Farth. Delivery mix-up with crates and packages being delivered to the wrong warehouses. Identify the packages, deliver a package to the warehouse guard and Caldric’s porter will do the rest. Unless you're above the law, this is the kind of work that gets you placed under arrest in Marienburg. If you're working for the Black Caps for instance.

Suiddock Watch House
Returning to Linadrion once again, who Vaaren says owes him one. Between the elf and her spy we are finally getting closer to the conspiracy.
“Astute, and brutally pragmatic. Such widespread disarray and destruction, as a mere diversion? Whatever these riots are obscuring, it must be momentous, abd the hand behind it powerful and cruel to show such disregard for the lives of Marienburg’s citizenry.

We must investigate what is transcending at the Suiddock. It is fortunate that you have been working with the Black Caps, as your presence there will not raise undue attention while you investigate.

Head to the Suiddock Watch House and talk to the Black Caps stationed there. See what you can find out about the situation there, but try to be subtle about it. The troopers there will likely be wondering about how the rest of the city is faring. Use that to your advantage.”

— Linadrion, Elf Ambassador
Arriving at the Watch House in Suiddock (South Dock district) things have been unusually quiet compared to districts elsewhere. Described by an officer as 'A Silent Oddity' that has led to watch patrols being redeployed in other parts of the city.
“Word’s been getting around - the northern half of the city is mostly under control. We’re still encountering small pockets of organised troublemakers, but that part of the city is beginning to return to normal.

Things are a bit busier here in the Suid, I’m afraid. There’s been some strange goings on in the Kruiersmuur, and the Doodkanal is lawless right now.

The Suiddock? Hmm, now that you mention it, things have been unusually quiet here. We’ve not had any major disturbances, and everything minor has taken place near the bridges leading to the other districts.

We were initially worried about the Wharf, expecting some opportunistic looting and the like, but the guilds have locked the area down and instructed their people to stay home.

It’s true that it’s true for the district to be this quiet, but such an oddity is welcome at a time like this. The Black Caps have more than enough to be worrying about at present.”

— Trooper Gletic, Watch Officer
New orders need to be run to another district, to troopers stationed at Tarnopol’s Clock Tower. An update on when additional reinforcements will be sent to relieve them, before the news goes back to Linadrion.
“A brief lull in crime isn’t unusual in and of itself. When that lull is happening in the middle of a city-wide crisis, in the very heart of that very same city, now that is unusual. The Priesthood of Morr are often called upon by the authorities of Marienburg to perform autopsies on the dead. The death of one of the Ten served as the catalyst that threw the city into chaos, but I suspect more deaths can be traced back to the hidden agenda we are trying to discover.”
— Linadrion, Elf Ambassador
Temple of Morr
The Priest of Morr Tobias Cleff, is an old acquaintance of Linadrion. She asks he look through the temple’s archives, to find a lead hidden in their records. Food merchant Rory O’Gilby provides sustenance en route to meeting Tobias. Visiting the Morrian Priest sparks another sub-plot when Tobias calls for aid identifying a veiled figure in connection with recent murder cases.
The mystery man as it happens has spent time investigating crime scenes where these murders took place, and correlating the clues. He confirms that the priest’s suspicion is correct: there is a vampire out prowling the streets. Fortunately he has narrowed down its lair to Deedesveld. A plan forms to bring death to the undying culprit.
Feral and hungry, the vampire lurks in the northern reaches of the graveyard. Expected to eliminate on behalf of the church as the consequences and cleaning up after are considered a chore by the veiled stranger. He indicates the act will be rewarded but answers are what are expected. Curiously the bloodsucker is dressed like a clergyman. After slaying the fiend, returning to veiled figure, he suggests most Black Caps are bumbling at best, concerned with their patrol routes (rather than crime). His remaining advice is cryptic. That things are better when there are situations that cause any outstanding officers to ask questions that dig deeper. That there is someone who is interested in maintaing the status quo, to prevent troopers from mistakenly uncovering things best left hidden from prying eyes. The masked stranger acknowledges this is not the answer being sought, but one that is ready to be heard, and that when his path is crossed again, he may speak further.
Returning to Brother Tobias, the priest wants to confirm the vampire was rooted out and destroyed. A relief as they are abominations willingly choosing to deny Morr. Satisfied his god can now receive what is due, the priest checks the Temple of Morr’s records. Going back to before the riots, there are no other comparable deaths that can be linked. Deaths are up throughout the city, except in the Suiddock, where they have actually decreased since the riots started. It’s as if the district had been abandoned throughout the unrest. Perhaps a credit to the City Guild’s attempts to keep things under control.

Stevedore and Teamsters Guild
Torleck is back on his feet this time. Well enough to be meeting with Linadrion.
“The Guilds wield a considerable amount of power here in Marienburg, and the largest of these guilds is the Stevedore and Teamsters Guild. Every single piece of cargo that passes through Marienburg passes through the hands of the Guild, and they exact a price for each item. Thus, the Guild is incredibly influential and wealthy, and its leaders are among the most powerful people in the city. The question, then is how to gain access to the Suiddock and its secrets.”
— Linadrion, Elf Ambassador
Torleck's distant cousin Freyr Magnusson, has been working with the Stevedore’s Guild, trying to distinguish himself within the organisation. Looks like he needs being paid a visit in Dwarf’s Hold district.
Torleck is not in good enough health to travel himself which based on the spiteful reception is just as well. Freyr remarks he’s busy, that it’s a good thing Torleck hasn’t shown his face, and provides a recap.
“Well, as ye know, someone tried to kill one o’ the Ten, the folk that run Marienburg, and another went missin’ that same night. As a result, the city was locked down by the Black Caps and the riots broke out in response. The strange thing is this: hours before the assassination attempt, the Guild shut down the wharf, claiming security concerns over the arrival of some important visitor.

Then they sent us all home and told us not to come to work for three days. At this, some of the lads started to protest, but the Guild threw in the promise of a half-day’s wage for each day the wharf was closed. That quieted everyone down pretty fast. All pretty unusual - especially the part where they’re giving away a day-and-a-half’s pay for free.

Anyways, it doesn’t sound right to me. Normally the Guild would insist on someone bein’ there for any loadin’ or unloadin’ of cargo. It’s against Guild Law to allow anyone else to do it.

Also I’ve seen Dukes and Ambassadors arrive in the city and people would barely get out of their way to let them cross a street, nevermind shut down an entire section of the district for ‘em. Somethin’ is definately not right.”

— Freyr Magnusson, Dwarf Stevedore
Something’s not right down on South Dock. Returning to Torleck and Linadrion, confirming the leadership of the Stevedores Guild are involved is a troubling revelation. Unimaginable wealth would be required to cover the losses and expenses of completely shutting down one of the main docks for days. Whoever financed this would have to be very powerful. The unrest is being orchestrated by one or more individuals of significant influence within the city. The Thieves Guild being involved too means there is collusion between the Guilds. Access to the wharf itself is needed to work out what is going on there.
“Whatever it is, its important enough that an entire city was thrown into turmoil to provide a diversion, and by Morgrim’s Forge we’re goin’ to find out what happened on that wharf. I’m going to contact some folks who’ll know how to get us in and out of there with the Guild bein’ none the wiser. Can’t risk exposing Freyr to any retaliation for helpin’ us.”
— Torleck Torvarsson, Dwarf Engineer
Word on the Streets
Map locations pinpointed by the developers place enquiries on the waterfront in Remas Way, when they ought to be at the Clock Tower, sited east of Suiddock. Deedesveld is positioned too far east on the map and Kruiersmuur Dock has been marked where North Miragliano is normally positioned. Cartography was never a fine art in the Old World. No two maps are ever the same.

Talking to locals in Marienburg Suid to find out any information. Everyone’s on edge and there is a sense of fear in the air among anxious civilians. Even the rats have been growing restless, scuttling openly in the streets in larger numbers than previously seen. Sounds emante from the sewers near the dock. It’s unclear what the sewer jacks are up to down there, but the scraping and clanking sounds like some kind of machinery. Not like any machinery anyone has ever heard before. Nobody can place the sound properly, but it started not long after the riots did.

Strijfa Sturdarsson would would love to get into the Suiddock and take a closer look. He's working with Torleck to solve this mystery and thinks the best place to look has been narrowed down. If the Thieves’ Guild is involved, someone in their hierarchy must be calling the shots. The dwarf suggests finding and beating the information out of them. The Thieves’ Guild have taken en masse to the streets just south of the Suiddock, west from where Strijfa is keeping lookout. He wants to get word back to Torleck, meaning he can't risk his own neck.
Strijfa will keep an eye out for developments upon his return. He’s expressed concern about getting out of this deadly plot alive. Upon his departure Thieves Guild Assassins and Skaven Infiltrators are discovered at the suspected rendez-vous point. The Nightrunners have got hold of a journal from their Thieves Guild's Liason which is retrieved. Forced to reveal their presence, the skaven will hunt down their enemies.
Raising the alarm by returning the journal to Torleck, now that skaven came out into the open to protect it. Its importance is determined by Linadrion and Torleck, while Strijfa expands surveillance around the wharf, hoping to see what exactly the schemers are up to in there.

Torleck knows about the skaven presence already. Strijfa sent word ahead in case of ambush. Eshin Assassins are prowling around. The journal is coded with a cipher.
“Hmmm, of course, it all makes a sick sort of sense now. From all the information we’ve gathered and now this journal you found it appears that a member of The Ten was workin’ with Skaven and hired the Thieves’ Guild to cause as much trouble as possible, throwing the city into chaos. Then, once things were in motion, I presume the Skaven turned on our would-be mastermind. The journal speaks of a secret location where the dead noble met the Thieves’ Guild and Skaven liasons to discuss progress on their agenda.”
— Torleck Torvarsson, Dwarf Engineer
While the secret location is being investigated, Linadrion and Torleck seek an audience with The Ten to alert them to what’s really happening in the city. Disrupting their plans by locating the conspirators rendez-vous point leads to a final conflict. Thieves’s Guild Liason with Skaven Liason and more Nightrunners are slain at the next stake-out in Marienburg Nord. Torleck thinks it unlikely their deaths will stop the Skaven’s plans completely, but it might set them back long enough to come up with a plan in the longer term. The conspiracy does not end here but at its time of release this was the final piece of content available. What happens next is another chapter in the city's long running sagas.

Southwest Gate
Now the rioting has died down, North City Gates are quiet. City Gate Zealots are committing violence over at the Southwest Gate. Dealing with this situation and similar conflicts is activity used for 'grinding' enough experience in gameplay to level up player characters. From what I can tell from here, there were many sub-plot narratives for side questing. Bear patrol, slaying a Tainted Maneater in the Drakwald. Killing local wildlife, namely wolves, snakes, giant spiders and bears found in Drakwald and the marsh. The nastiest animal I saw was an Infected Drakbear.

Reporting For Duty
There's always more volunteer duty with the local constabularies. Even though their 'Stockpile' is marked on the sewer map we don't meet the River Watch. Not enough wet crimes! There are so many personalities from the Black Caps involved in this adventure, it was a challenge to keep track of all the patrol personnel. Lieutenant Lebenstein in South Dock bore some relevance to Linadrion as being one of her informants. She has spies everywhere. Reporting to Lieutenant Tadael in the Free Company militia for refugee revovery. Precious belongings of Broekwater refugees abandoned in the dark elves invasion need salvaging. Seeing as the village is suspected to be populated by pirates, most of their booty would be contraband salvage or stolen goods! Kavin Camback from the Broekwater Refugees and Valdirath Theldesir of Longstriders Shadow Warriors offer faction reputation here as reward for the effort of battling the Dark Elf raiders.
The Black Ark Corsair command needs bringing to heel before the druchii can be pushed back out to sea. In the incident ‘Sever the Head’ the grisly trophy presented to Corporal Braam is most unwelcome. Even so, it spurs the Free Company on to repelling the Dark Elves.
The Garden of Morr
Returning to the cemetery is to be expected. This time to recover antique coins. What belongs to the Elves: Killing skeletons and recovering ancient Elf coins from the graveyard grounds. What belongs to the Dwarfs: Destroy undead skeletons and recover old Dwarf coins. Returning these to Ragni Ironhand. Brother Marcus de Bas has now joined Brother Tobias Cleff on another entrance gate at Deedesveld. The scariest customer in the cemetery is Jakub Dorovri, an Undead Champion waving a nasty garden rake! The morgue at the Temple of Morr must be fit to burst with the intake of fresh corpses. Not to mention all of these dismembered skeletons bones somebody will need to recycle.
Issuing A Challenge
Such is life in a world at war, there are warrior and wizard champions in every race and culture from the Old World. There are few legendary heroes from Warhammer history showing up. The prominence of Rijkspoort (Rijk's Gate) in Marienburg Nord is more pronounced by travel arrangements relying on the River Reik. Culverin King and King’s Privateers clash with investigators meddling in their buccaneering business. The resulting storm of blades and flintlocks is an animated affair resulting in much bloodshed. While the other Marienburg gang leaders slain are instantly forgettable (except perhaps Rhunan Calsprey, the skaven 'Grategnaw' and Neddy Nineknives in Suid), this campaign introduces some truly memorable bosses in the Wasteland. There are various fun video hyperlinks included from here that showcase the best fight scenes from combat challenges. As always, my articles on Liber Malefic are packed with supporting links to explore.
Leaders of notoriety found abroad in the Wasteland Country include:
Lirata Dusksorrow, Witch Elf Champion
Sumpcoil, Giant Serpent
Fenhowler, Great Wolf
Weaving Widow, Gigantic Spider
Durvalis Wavebreaker, Black Ark Corsair Captain
Girgulath Ashrage, Black Ark Corsair Captain
Lesha Fellmore, Witch Elf Champion
Revelrath Embershadow, Dark Elf Sorceress
Kalkat Stormreaver, Dark Elf Commander

Bilespit’s Folly
Nurgle Cultists were guarding a cave north from the Cursed Marsh, up near accursed Almshoven. There are gnarled looking trees here in a voodooed copse. One huge tree near Bilespit’s Folly, a location found near to the ruined lighthouse, is twisted. The Twisted Tree and surrounding area is visibly infected by blight. Road southwest of Folly are elf warriors armed with spears. Corsair landings brought elite Black Ark troops over the cliff face into conflict with Nurgle's chosen.
Almshoven was once a village with a lighthouse in the Wasteland. It was destroyed in 2301 by the Chaos champion Bilespit.
Its diseased ruins are shunned by Marienburgers as a cursed graveyard, with only the occasional treasure hunter venturing anywhere near. Disappearances feed the region's dark legend.
Festering Cultists protect Bilespit's legacy and putrid smells alone must be enough to see off trespassers! There is no sign at their grotto of the pirates mentioned earlier by Broekwater refugees, where a deadbolted iron grate prevented deeper exploration of the caverns. Wreckers or not, the prime peninsula is perfect for piracy. Grandfather Nurgle only knows what they locked away here. Caving was not the ‘Folly’ of Bilespit, but this was…
The Folly is a Waystone. Each fey stone is supposed to saturate the raw power of Chaos before directing it to an inward neighbour. Leylines are visibly bleeding raw magic out of the stone and the surrounding terrain is tainted. The Winds of Magic are blowing unevenly here and the Cult of Nurgle has been taking advantage of it for generations.
Plagueweaver Rennecht is the most badass villain in this campaign. While his Nurgle Cultists seem content with slaying Dark Elf snoopers, their Chaos Magister has decided to visit the Waystone for the worst possible reasons imaginable.
Wasteland Secrets
Sith Rionnasc Ruins are shown as another map location in the Wasteland. The ancient elven ruins are stumbled upon travelling through the Cursed Marsh. Aside from their cultural significance to the elves, it is difficult to determine their precise value. Swampers, crazy tradesfolk venturing this deep into Grootscher Marsh, have differing opinions on the matter.
Among loose ends is Solgrid Falthorne's 'Cipher Filter' quest, which isn't related to decrypting the journal retrieved from the skaven. The Skyre Rat Ogre presumaby explains why machinery sounds were heard at Suiddock sewers. The rat-beast was evidenced battling in close combat with large parties of heroic adventurers.
Xynyre and Oreanor the Harpies, caught in conflict, clawing cruelly to collect chow. The Giant, wading in shallows, seen towering over archaic Sith Rionnasc Ruins.
The Wasteland will keep some of its secrets.
Researching the narratives would not have been possible without content shared by the YouTuber Luthau. Most of the game stills are from his excellent playthroughs.
A tidy video edit was shared by CarryGaming. Its best moments are included below.